Sunstep finance

Sunstep is Solarcentury’s finance solution for industrial and commercial solar power, allowing businesses to benefit from low cost electricity.

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Low capital, low bills

Without the upfront cost of building a solar system, you still benefit from the low price of electricity that the solar generates.


The solar system is built and managed by Solarcentury, no risk to you


Each business is an individual, and we cater the Sunstep agreement to suit you entirely whether it’s 5 or 25 years, through a power purchase (PPA) or lease agreement.

How it works – PPA or lease?

If you choose a PPA, we sell the solar electricity to you; the price of the electricity is fixed for the period of the PPA (in US$ per kWh and index linked).

Alternatively we can establish a finance lease where you pay an annual fixed amount to lease the solar system from Solarcentury in its entirety.

At the end of the contract you take ownership of the solar system! So you can continue benefiting from a clean, renewable and free source of energy for many years to come.

View the brochure here to see this in practice.