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Graylingwell Park: building carbon neutral homes

The starting point

The award winning housing developer Linden Homes has a reputation for quality and creative sustainable developments. The company approached Solarcentury to assist with its new carbon zero homes.

This was a challenging project as the homes were built to a new design that had not been done at scale; a target of zero carbon for a volume of houses was a new level of complexity compared to a show house at an experimental site. The geographical location was also a sensitive re-development site just outside the historic town of Chichester, meaning that the aesthetics were very important.

The solution

In order to deliver this project, Solarcentury worked with both the developer’s technical team and a number of consultants. It became clear at an early stage that the planners were keen on an integrated solar system, dictated by the available roof space.

Peter Youll, Managing Director of Linden Homes Guildford, said: “As the UK’s largest carbon neutral scheme, Graylingwell Park takes innovation in environmental sustainability to the next level. We’ve been applying measures such as solar to reduce carbon emissions on a number of developments, but at Graylingwell Park these combine with many other energy saving aspects, including our state of the art Energy Centre which will serve all 750 homes.

“The use of solar placed new demands on street layouts; these needed to be designed on east-west street orientations to maximise solar gain and made wider than usual to prevent overshadowing. Within phase one, 82 dwellings accommodate 22m2 of photovoltaic tiles, all of which are eligible for the government’s feed-in tariff.”

The result

The fully integrated C21e solar roof tile blends seamlessly into the roof to deliver an excellent aesthetic. Peter Youll summarised that “Of course the overriding factor is that all the homes with solar roof panels create surplus energy which is given back to the national grid and is credited to the homeowner’s electricity bills.”

The results: power and payback

Estimations only, correct at time of installation

Annual electricity savings per home: £172 - 207
Annual income from export tariff plus feed-in tariff, per home: £1,042 - 1,250
CO2 savings per year per home: 1,300 - 1,500 kg
System size: 3.12 - 3.74 kWp on 82 homes

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