Energy storage

Storage technology compliments a commercial-scale solar system; store the excess solar electricity that you generate, and use it when the sun isn’t shining.

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Spend less on grid energy

Install more solar then use the stored energy anytime - cutting grid consumption, and minimising and stabilising your annual energy bills.

Overcome local grid constraints

If the DNO (distribution network operator) has refused a connection agreement for solar then storage can overcome their constraints.

Help support the grid whilst earning money

Reduce or completely avoid peak electricity prices (TRIADs and DUoS). Plus you can earn revenue from the National Grid by helping them balance the grid.


  • Our export teams look at a range of technologies which best suit each customer: cold energy storage, dispatchable loads, flywheels and batteries.
  • Our comprehensive reporting system lets you monitor your energy use and lets us provide full operation and maintenance support.


  • Our bespoke software allows you to understand the lowest cost solution.
  • We can offer PPAs or work with ESCOs to reduce investment costs.
  • We can show energy saving as well as progress towards your low carbon energy targets.
  • We can offer storage with similar returns to PV.

How does the technology work?

Storage technology can be installed alongside new or existing solar panels, and alongside the grid. When the sun is shining, the solar system supplies electricity to power your business. The EXCESS solar electricity that is generated is fed into the energy storage - extending the potential of solar power to work even after the sun goes down, or in the case of a local brownout (read more). At these times of day, the system automatically draws from the stored energy, rather than you paying for grid power. To get into the technical details, please speak to our storage engineers.

How the savings add up

This graph illustrates how the savings with solar could be enhanced by adding storage technology to your project. Solar savings and earnings are illustrated in oranges, and storage savings are in greens.

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