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New landmark report: Solar – a force for good

At an event held with SolarPower Europe, Solarcentury and Carbon Intelligence launched a landmark report on Environmental, So...

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Elwy Solar

Planning application submitted for Elwy Solar Energy Farm

Solarcentury has now submitted the planning application for Elwy Solar Energy Farm, near St. Asaph in Denbighshire, Wales....

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50 larks among abundance of birdlife spotted at Dutch solar farm

At Solarcentury we design and manage our solar farms to enhance biodiversity. A review of our projects in the Netherlands...

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Solarcentury in numbers

Pipeline – representing more than $3.5 billion of investment
Deployed solar. Enough to power 500,000 homes
Generated by Solarcentury projects – saving 1.7m tonnes of CO₂
Experienced people across four continents

From pioneering solar company to international developer

Founded in 1998, Solarcentury has been around since the early days of the solar industry. We've been part of the rapid evolution that has made solar PV a mainstream energy source that it is today, and are proud to be one of the most respected solar companies in the world.

Global coverage

A selection of some of our projects spanning the globe.

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Chile combines some of the best solar resources in the world with a government committed to the energy transition.
Solarcentury built the 40 MWp Doña Carmen project in 2017 bringing clean energy for the equivalent of 21,000 homes each year. Following the recent Government tenders, our pipeline is well in excess of 1GWp.

Colombia is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate chaos and must diversify their energy mix.
In 2020 Solarcentury completed development on 59 MWp and is currently developing a further 88 MWp.

Solarcentury heeft in de afgelopen tien jaar een aantal dak- en grondinstallaties ontwikkeld in Duitsland. Zoals overal in een volwassen markt, wordt de toekomstige groei gedreven door de kosteneffectiviteit van de technologie, waarbij in Duitsland de zonne-energie op de schaal van nutsbedrijven al goedkoper is dan de marktprijs voor de groothandel. Hierdoor is zonne-energie financieel aantrekkelijk voor commerciële en industriële klanten.

Our East Africa projects showcase our African experience, knowledge and expertise across a range of solar applications, including pioneering hybrid and off-grid systems.

French electricity is already low carbon, but the Government is keen to reduce dependency on its ageing nuclear fleet and is transitioning to renewables.
With experience spanning back to 2009, in 2020 Solarcentury completed the development of the 17 MWp Lourches site and has a further pipeline of more than 240 MWp.

Germany has led the way in the energy transition. The volume of solar built in Germany seeded many other markets and dramatically reduced costs for all.
In recent years, Solarcentury has built a number of ground-mount systems on brownfield land.

The Spanish Government has announced ambitious targets to adopt renewables in a country where solar makes perfect sense.
With experience in-country since 2007, Solarcentury has more recently completed development on the 500 MWp Talayuela and Cabrera Solar projects and has a further 1.5 GWp in the pipeline.

Italy is an excellent market for subsidy-free solar projects with a high demand from offtakers given the manufacturing base.
Solarcentury’s first ground-mounted solar projects were in Italy. More than ten years later we have a growing pipeline of over 325 MWp.

Demand for clean, green electricity continues to grow in Mexico to support its expanding manufacturing base.
With operations here since 2014, Solarcentury has developed 224 MWp and has a further advanced pipeline of 440 MWp. Projects are large, averaging more than 130 MWp each, providing a real opportunity for local employment.

Solar has proven a logical backup in Panama when in dry seasons hyrdroelectric power is limited.
Divisa Solar – built in 2016, was Solarcentury’s first utility-scale project in Latin America.

Solarcentury has been active in South Africa since 2013, originally focused on rooftop projects. More recently, developing ground-mounted projects, especially in the mining industry, is the focus of our pipeline.

The Netherlands has a robust market for utility-scale solar supported by the SDE+ subsidy.
With an established team here since 2012, Solarcentury has recently developed 188 MWp and is building 144 MWp. We have more than 750 MWp in the pipeline.

The UK is home to Solarcentury’s most iconic projects including Blackfriars Bridge. Leading the sector since 1998, we now see a market ready for subsidy-free solar and storage.
Solarcentury has an advanced pipeline of 127 MWp, and a growing early stage selection of projects.

In Western Africa, our partnerships with international companies allowed them to reduce energy costs and their climate impact, taking advantage of the significant benefits of solar.


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