About Solarcentury

Solarcentury’s position on climate chaos

To avoid catastrophic effects of global heating, the world needs to reach zero carbon by 2030. Our current trajectory is bleak. We can only alter our future by enacting brave and substantial change. Our call to business and political leaders is to:

Stop subsidising and investing in fossil fuels
Speed up the transition to renewable power
Embrace a green new deal.

How will we know if we are succeeding? In 2020:
Renewable investment will reach $1 trillion for the year (up from $300 billion in 2017)
Investment in new fossil fuel capacity will plummet
Divestment will reach $10 trillion
Millions of green jobs will be created.

For our part we will strive to accelerate our rate of deployment of solar and storage, while never sacrificing human rights, technical excellence, safety or environmental best practice.

The time to change is now.

Read more on our dedicated climate chaos page; giving you the facts to act.

Evolution and vision

Solarcentury was founded in 1998, initially focusing on innovative solar solutions for homes.

From humble beginnings, we’ve developed into a company with the engineering and commercial skills to take solar from niche to mainstream.

Our engineering capability enabled us to lead in the British solar farm market, becoming the first company to deploy more than 500 MWp in the UK. In 2016, we were named the top EPC company in the UK “by some margin”.

Now in our twentieth year, Solarcentury has deployed over 1.6 GWp of solar across 1000 sites in four continents as well as helping over 25,000 homeowners go solar. Our UK expertise is being successfully exported. Current projects include utility-scale developments across Europe and LATAM, and further hybrid projects across Africa.

Today we provide our partners with opportunities for acquisition and development in multiple markets and the ability to deploy capital at scale. We provide a fully integrated service; ownership, development, engineering, procurement, construction, asset management, operation and maintenance.

We have a 5 GWp pipeline across four continents, with offices in nine countries, in addition to our UK headquarters.


Our team is highly qualified, with over 200 professionals led by senior executives with extensive experience in solar. We are backed by an experienced Board that includes VantagePoint Venture Partners, Ecos Sustainable Equity, Scottish Equity Partners, Zouk Capital and our founder Dr Jeremy Leggett.

The management team has over 100 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, backed by a local development teams. In our careers, we have developed over 10 GWp, constructed 3 GWp and financed more than 2 GWp of renewable assets.

We have teams in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Panama, Mexico, Chile, and South Africa. Our skilled teams have a track record of working successfully with trusted partners. This includes success in renewable energy auctions in Mexico, Netherlands and France as well as developing without subsidies in markets such as Spain.

Our investment in core target markets in Europe and Latin America has created a development pipeline of over 2.5 GWp, and a total projected pipeline of 5 GWp.


Solarcentury is in business for a purpose: to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate chaos through the widespread adoption of solar power.

The world’s leading investors and analysts agree that “subsidy-free” solar exists in multiple markets. As solar prices continue to fall, production capacity increases, and the industry continues to innovate. Solar is quick to deploy and scalable; it is unquestionably proven in its ability to deliver energy transition at scale and at speed; disrupting traditional utility models in the process.

We are a big believer in helping solar change our world for the better:

  • We contribute 5% of net profit every year to the charity we founded, SolarAid, which aims to eradicate polluting, expensive kerosene lamps from Africa.
  • We develop a habitat and biodiversity plans for each ground-mounted project we develop.
  • We engage with local organisations schools and homeowners to help them understand more about global warming and solar energy.
  • Our projects are managed to high environmental standards from the procurement phase to the construction, recycling materials and composting food waste. We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and are members of PV Cycle (UK).

An introduction from Frans, our CEO

Making a difference in the fight against climate chaos

  • 6101169193.8881 Units of electricity produced
  • 1784750670.4247 KG CO2 prevented