Land East of Battlegate Road, CB23

As world leaders in the deployment of renewable energy, our mission is to support the move away from fossil fuels in order to avoid climate chaos and to this end we have now built over 1,000 solar projects around the world.

We know that creating a cleaner world is not an instant fix – it requires many steps all heading in the right direction. Building solar farms which generate clean energy is only one of those steps that we as a company can take in support of this mission.

The land east of Battlegate Road has high solar irradiation and  is close to existing electricity infrastructure and we are therefore in the initial stages of evaluating its potential for developing a solar farm.

We have applied to South Cambridgeshire for a screening opinion to request a decision as to whether an environmental impact assessment is required should we proceed to submit a planning application.

If you would like to find out more about the screening application or to be kept in touch with our progress on this project please email or call 07734 855501.