Climate chaos

Giving you the facts to act

We know that the facts around climate chaos can be confusing and overwhelming. Many feel a sense of hopelessness, not knowing how to make a difference.

The truth is, the science is clear and indisputable. Tens of thousands of scientists from across the globe all agree that human induced climate change is a reality and our current trajectory is bleak. But it’s not a time to despair. We know the solution: the world must go zero carbon by 2030.

This is where the conversation must change, for we CAN alter our future. We have the technology, but we must go faster.

It’s down to those in power to accelerate the transition.

We’ve created this resource hub, bringing together the facts, films and blogs into one space to help you understand the benefits of a zero carbon world, and what must be done to get there.

The time to change is now.
You can be part of it, here’s how.

The vision

The most significant and accepted system transition required to tackle climate chaos and limit emissions is the swift shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

We now have a clear picture of an alternative clean energy system. In 2019, after five years of analysis, Energy Watch Group together with the LUT University in Finland published a detailed report showing that the world can run entirely on zero greenhouse gas energy, from power, heat, to transport and desalination, well before 2050 – as soon as 2030.

Read this blog by Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, on what a 100% renewable world looks like; an energy system that is substantially cheaper than today, the creation of millions of new jobs, and energy independence for world regions.

The challenge

There is now unequivocal evidence that we have reached a critical point in our planet’s history, where the decisions we make today will determine the future of all living things. These decisions for 2019 and 2020 lie with just a few thousand individuals and will enable the ‘decade of action’.

Read the science behind the changing climate in the 2019 IPCC SPECIAL REPORT

Shifting to a zero carbon system requires a dramatic shift in business as usual; commitment to a complete decarbonisation of energy, upheaval of current investment, restructure of subsidies. If these powerful individuals don’t choose a zero carbon future, then life for the human species will be a battle against natural disasters, famine, drought, fear and conflict.

Read this blog by Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, explaining why decisions made today have more power than ever before.


The economic, social and environmental imperatives of addressing climate chaos are increasingly compelling. Solar joins onshore wind as the cheapest option for electricity generation in every developed country (except Japan), according to Bloomberg’s analysis. In response to it making financial sense, a growing number of companies, cities, states and regions are de-risking their operations by shifting away from volatile fossil fuels, committing to zero carbon. It’s these innovative leaders who provide evidence, and hope, that this way of operating can become mainstream.

Read this blog on the economic advantages of investing in solar energy by Barbara Flesche, Director of Global Development and Finance

Read this blog highlighting which corporates are already going 100% renewable, by Frans van den Heuvel, CEO

Read this blog on how solar is instrumental in rapid decarbonisation,by David Edwards, Strategy and Resources Director

Read this blog on why decarbonisation requires a green electricity revolution, by Enrico Ambrosini, Global Head of Origination

We can, and must, accelerate progress

We have evidence in the climate science, the solution in renewable technology, and operational proof that a zero carbon future is possible. We must upturn our mentality and check our decisions with the right question; will my choices speed up the renewable transition? We can work together to find order to this chaos.

Read this blog by Susannah Wood, Marketing Director, about asking the right question.

These next 12 months of decisions are critical to see a decade of action. With the right actions and clarity of thought we can focus on this fight; the fight for the preservation of life on this planet with breathable air, clean available water, stable weather systems, diverse ecosystems and abundant natural resources for our grandchildren.

Millions around the world are shouting out for a transition. Political and system change must follow today to avoid unimaginable consequences.

Read this blog by Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, on the systemic changes required.

What does success look like?

In a nutshell, we have some demands of business and political leaders:

  1. Stop subsidising and investing in fossil fuels
  2. Speed up the transition to renewable power
  3. Embrace a green new deal.

How will we know if we are succeeding? In 2020:

  • Renewable investment will reach $1 trillion for the year (up from $300 billion in 2017) – and will remain at $1 trillion each year until 2030
  • Investment in new fossil fuel capacity will plummet
  • Divestment from fossil fuels will reach $10 trillion
  • Millions of green jobs will be created.

Carbon prevented by Solarcentury's projects

  • 6040261758.0882 Units of electricity produced
  • 1759189083.4146 KG CO2 prevented

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