Solarcentury takes the community centre online

Elske Idzenga reflects on our first online information evening, from the Netherlands

COVID-19 affects us all, and it impacts our business. All of our employees at the offices throughout Southern America, Europe and Africa are working from home. At the same time our three construction sites in the Netherlands and Spain continue to make progress, albeit in an adapted way. These measures have an effect on our business processes, and we are continuously coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the problems that arise.

During the development phase of solar farms, we would normally consult local residents who live near a proposed solar farm site. During an information evening, often in a local community centre, we would share our plans and listen to their thoughts over a cup of coffee.

Given today’s circumstances, we found this posed a tricky situation that needed an innovative, but obvious, solution. Let’s go online!

In a matter of days, our presentation banners, travel logistics, room bookings, and milk supplies were reformatted, and yesterday we hosted our first virtual information night for Wilbertood solar farm in the Netherlands. And it worked perfectly.

People were directed to a dedicated web page where they were able to online-chat, call or email with our 8-person team who were ready to answer their questions. We had expertise on hand to answer everything from landscaping and design, to technical construction, to the financial structure.

Elske and team ready for questions

Over 100 individuals visited the web page and over 400 page views were recorded in 3 hours. This is more than we would expect in person to such events.

By including the public in our plans to develop a solar farm, we ensure social involvement and public understanding of Solarcentury’s mission, to make a meaningful difference in the global fight against climate chaos by making solar power the dominant energy source worldwide. By taking sessions like these online, we maintain this integrity. Though we look forward to meeting again face to face – we’ll bring the biscuits.