Draft planning documents

The following list of documents represents the draft application that we are seeking your views and comments on. As well as the core planning documents outlining what is proposed to be developed there are reports and assessments considering all the potential impacts that the scheme has the potential to cause. This list of assessments has been generated in consultation with the Planning Inspectorate, statutory stakeholders and the public.

Every effort has been made to complete the survey work requested in support of each assessment however the restrictions that have been put in place to manage the spread of COVID, as well as the storms and flooding of earlier in the year, have hampered our ability to complete this work to the extent that would we have wished for at this time. The archaeological geophysical survey, which will inform the heritage assessment, is the only survey that has not been fully completed at the time of launching the Pre-application Consultation. Some fields have been surveyed and these results are included in the assessment, and a full desk top and site walk over assessment has been completed to inform the draft report. A timetable to complete the archaeological geophysical survey in accordance with a methodology agreed with Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust is in place and the full results will be included in the heritage assessment which will be submitted to PINS which will then be available for consultation following submission of the application for Examination. If you are particularly interested in viewing the updated the heritage assessment which includes the full geophysical survey results please email us at elwysolar@solarcentury.com and we will be able to send you a copy ahead of the submission of the application for Examination.

Project plans

Site Location Plan
Proposed Project Plan
Equipment Elevation Plans

Planning documents

Application for Permission for a Development of National Significance
Secondary Consent Statement
Article 6 Notice of Acceptance
Design & Access Statement
Planning Statement
Consultation Statement

Environmental statement: non-technical summary

ES: Non-Technical Summary (English)
ES: Non-Technical Summary (Welsh)

Environmental statement: chapters

ES: Chapters 1-11

Environmental statement: figures

ES: Figures – c.1-4 – Project Plans
ES: Figures – Landscape and Visual
ES: Figures – Landscape and Visual (Photoviews & Montages)
ES: Figures – Landscape and Visual (Planting Plan)
ES: Figures – Biodiversity

Environmental statement: appendices

ES: Appendix – 2.1 – Scoping Direction
ES: Appendix – 5.1 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Method
ES: Appendix – 6 – Biodiversity (survey & other reports)
ES: Appendix – 6.7 – Biodiversity Management Plan
ES: Appendix – 7.1 – Construction Traffic Management Plan
ES: Appendix – 8.1 – Noise Assessment
ES: Appendix – 9.1 – Air Quality Technical Note
ES: Appendix – 10.1 – Battery Safety Management Plan

Supplementary reports

Agricultural Land Classification
Sequential Assessment
Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Flood Consequence Assessment
Flood Risk Justification Test
Glint & Glare Assessment
Heritage Assessment

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