One step closer to energy independence

How batteries work

During daylight hours the solar panels generate electricity. If you’re home in the day you can use this electricity directly to power your appliances. If you’re not at home, most of what you generate will flow back to the grid.

Now thanks to battery technology, you can store the solar electricity for when you get home, when you need to switch on lights, the TV, the kettle and so on.

Compatible with your lifestyle?

If your family is out for all (or just part) of the day, battery storage could help save you more.

22.2% Solar energy via storage 34.8% Solar energy direct bill 43% Grid consumption

Tony’s house

Electricity supplied after installing solar and storage (13 Aug - 27 Aug 2016)

Our real example above shows the energy split during an August to October period, which equated to a 57% reduction in the homeowner’s electricity bill!

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