A comprehensive warranty package – Together with IKEA

Solar is a long-term investment and you’ll want to be certain it’s going to deliver the electricity you expect. Solar is so reliable you can pretty much fit it and forget it. But we don’t expect you to take a leap of faith. That’s why we’ve put together a market-beating warranty package to give you the confidence to go solar.

For the first six years, you’ll benefit from a no-nonsense, no-quibble warranty on the installation of your solar system. Be it the installation or the parts, if there is anything that is not of satisfactory quality, it will be fixed.

For the first six years, you’ll also receive a warranty for the performance of the system. If it’s generating less than 80% of the forecast in your quote, you will be paid any lost Feed-in Tariff income.

Your solar system also comes with standard manufacturer’s warranties which will continue to give you protection after the initial six-year period:

  • Solar panels have a 10 year minimum product warranty and are guaranteed to produce power for 25 years
  • Inverters have a 10 year product warranty
  • Optimisers have a 20 year product warranty
  • Battery storage has a 10 year product warranty.

We have carefully audited our supply chain and strive to only work with the best.

Comprehensive warranty details are described in your quote.

For full terms and conditions please contact us.