We’re in business for a purpose


Solarcentury is in business for a purpose: to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate chaos through the widespread adoption of solar power.

Why solar? As solar prices continue to fall, production capacity increases, and the industry continues to innovate. Solar is quick to deploy and scalable; it is unquestionably proven in its ability to deliver an energy transition at scale and at speed, disrupting traditional utility models in the process.


At the time Solarcentury was founded by Jeremy Leggett, solar was niche and not well known. We focused on the UK market and solar’s application for buildings. Our priority was to educate and demonstrate the flexibility, reliability and possibilities for solar –and to win over doubting policy makers and the public alike.

In the early days, utility-scale solar was not a cost-effective option despite its obvious advantages in helping to de-carbonise at pace. As manufacturing has innovated and grown, the price has dropped beyond expectations, and 20 years later Solarcentury is now focused exclusively on developing and building solar projects at scale and without subsidy.

We’ve deployed 1.3 GWp , have a 6 GWp pipeline, and built projects in 16 countries across four continents.

Despite the growth of our projects and our business, the priority has always been to advocate for the astonishing role solar can play in combatting the unfolding climate crisis.


We’re a big believer in solar changing our world for the better. And we want to make sure that everyone we interact with is on board with the need for an energy transition:

  • We engage to help them understand more about the climate emergency, the power of solar energy, and to maximise local input in projects through direct and indirect jobs.
  • We develop biodiversity plans for each project we develop to remove carbon and to improve the habitat for wildlife, insects and plants.
  • In 2006 we founded the charity SolarAid, which aims to combat climate change and poverty in the developing world by providing access to solar lights.

Our fully-integrated approach of developing, building, owning and operating means we control the projects from inception to operation. We can successfully navigate complex projects whilst maximising returns to investors. If we can secure greater returns then we will see more opportunities to roll out solar and replace fossil fuel energy.

pollution factory
To read more about the climate crisis, and why we’re in business, visit our dedicated climate page.

  • 6684661242.6178 Units of electricity produced
  • 2029630176.1441 KG CO2 prevented

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