Solarcentury donates £124,000 to SolarAid

This year, 5% of Solarcentury’s annual profits amounts to a considerable £124,000. The donation has been made in line with Solarcentury’s commitment to donate 5% of its annual profits every year to the charity we founded, SolarAid, whose mission is to eradicate dangerous kerosene lamps in Africa by 2020.

Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid commented, “I am full of admiration for what the teams at Solarcentury and SolarAid have done over these ten years: the profits Solarcentury has made in difficult markets, and the annual 5% levy of those that has enabled us to leverage so much other support for SolarAid: then the things that the SolarAid team in Africa (present and past) has done with this support, including the design with Yingli of this wonderful SM100 product.”

Nick Sireau, CEO of SolarAid commented, “The donation has been hugely valuable in helping SolarAid to set up the logistical systems for the launch of new solar light, the SM100. Early indications from our sales agents in Africa are very positive, with the light sold out in some areas; so we know there is a huge market for the SM100, especially at the $5 price point.

When I first started at SolarAid 10 years ago the lights we sold in Africa were $25 each! Thank you Solarcentury for helping us to continue our efforts to bring light to Africa.”

Launched in central London last night at an event attended by Solarcentury and SolarAid people, and a host of industry friends, the SM100 light has been developed especially for SolarAid by Yingli Solar. Designed for off-grid families and school children, the SM100 is an ultra-affordable, tough solar light for all applications. Once the sun sets, the SM100 can light up homes for five hours.

The new light has been launched in SolarAid’s 10th year to celebrate 10 years of its impact in Africa. To celebrate its achievements to date, SolarAid has also launched the #Powerof10 campaign in recognition of all the amazing people who have helped make SolarAid possible, and contributed to its work to eradicate the kerosene lamp.

To date, the charity has helped over 10 million people get access to clean, affordable solar light and helped catalyse two of the first solar lighting markets in Kenya and Tanzania.

You can buy the SM100 for £10 from the SolarAid shop. Each purchase means SolarAid can distribute two lights to families in rural Africa.