Why solar energy farms?

The UK government has declared a climate emergency in recognition of the existential threat posed by global heating. We are committed to an energy target of net zero by 2050, though currently we produce less than 4% of our electricity from solar. Solarcentury is sure that we can and must meet this target much sooner.

The key to fighting climate chaos

The fight against climate chaos is the fight for the preservation of life with breathable air, clean available water, stable weather systems, diverse ecosystems and abundant natural resources for future generations. Solar is central to this fight, a proven method of reducing our carbon emissions.

  • Solar is a simple, low-risk source of home-grown green energy with predictable annual performance.
  • Solar is helping to secure the UK’s green energy future by reducing our reliance on imported fossil fuels.
  • Solar farms are able to deliver large amounts of renewable energy to the local grid. A 50MWp, 100-acre site typically delivers enough electricity to power 12,500 homes in a year.
  • With the addition of batteries on site, solar electricity that’s generated during the day can be stored and used at any time, whenever it’s needed; day or night.
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Improve the environment

The biggest threat to UK wildlife is global heating and habitat destruction.

  • By temporarily taking land out of agricultural production or reducing the farming activity, solar farms offer considerable opportunities to promote plant, insect and soil microorganism diversity.
  • Solarcentury looks to actively improve the environment by planting wildflower meadows, building and improving hedgerows, improving bird and bat nesting and other habitats.
  • We use only native seeds and hedgerow appropriate to the location, to encourage biodiversity and suit endangered bumble bees.
  • For 37 years the land will rest and wildlife can thrive.
  • Numerous environmental charities and organisations support solar farms including the RSPB.
  • Solar farms produce no pollution making it a safe technology for humans, birds, mammals and insects.
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Low impact, low maintenance

  • Solar energy farms are low to the ground and can be designed to maximise existing screening. We can introduce new screening to minimise visual intrusion.
  • The land continues to be classified as agricultural land.
  • Solar emits no gases or particulates and very little noise and can quickly be accepted as part of the landscape.
  • After 37 years, once the scheme reaches the end of its operational life, it can easily be removed and with the ground returned to farming.

Securing our future energy supply, maintaining and improving global living standards and ensuring a healthy environment is our legacy to future generations.

Our call is to political leaders and businesses, landlords, developers and other stakeholders to make the switch to solar.

Read more about Solarcentury’s position on climate chaos here.

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